Meeting Rooms For Student Groups

All reservation requests must be submitted via SAO360. LaFortune Student Center offers a variety of unique areas for recognized student groups to host events and activities.

General information can be found below.  Click on the "Info Sheet" link for a PDF reference sheet of that room.




Blue Room 10 In-room LCD projector & computer Mobile tables Info Sheet Request
Student Activities Board Room 12 In-room LCD TV Large table Info Sheet Request
Gold Room 22 In-room LCD projector Flexible Info Sheet Request

Sorin Room
(Available Spring Semester only)

25 Available upon request Flexible Info Sheet Request
Dooley Room 30 In-room LCD Projector Flexible Info Sheet Request
McNeill Room 40 In-room LCD Projector Folding tables Info Sheet Request
Montgomery Auditorium 60 In-room LCD Projector & DVD player Auditorium Seating Info Sheet Request
Northwest Room 6 Phone Standard Info Sheet Request
Notre Dame Room 60 In-room LCD Projector Flexible Info Sheet Request
Ballroom 180 In-room LCD Projector Flexible Info Sheet Request

In addition to our meeting rooms, Recognized student groups are also able to reserve the Elevator Lobby Table across from the Huddle Mart. In order to accommodate as many student groups as possible:

  • Reservations are limited to 3 hours per day
  • Reservations are limited to 3 days per 7 day period

Users of the table must observe these basic expectations:

  • The group is limited to no more than 3 people.
  • All items must fit on top of or under the table. Please do not block the elevator or the maintenance closet.
  • If sound/video is to be used, it must be limited to the immediate vicinity so as not to disturb patrons sitting in the Huddle food court.

In order to make a reservation for the elevator lobby table, an SAO360 request must be submitted.

Please know that lounge space cannot be reserved for special events. Reservation questions can be directed to