Student Employment

Lafortune 3

Event Assistants

First-year students, sophomores, juniors and seniors may work as Event Assistants guided by Team Leaders (formerly Senior Event Assistants). The Event Assistant position has been crafted to provide a unique opportunity for students to find a meaningful campus job that exposes students to a variety of campus events in an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and teamwork. Event Assistants are responsible for a multitude of support roles in the Student Activities venues including Legends, Duncan Student Center, Stepan Center and LaFortune Student Center. Most commomly, EA's arrange furniture and set-up audio-visual/sound equipment for events and meetings in Student Activities Office venues.  EA's must be energetic, detail-oriented and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Lifting/moving heavy furniture is required on a regular basis.  The schedule is flexible based on activities and events held in the facilities.  Weekly meetings are held where scheduling is assigned.  Some weeks EA's will have no shifts, while others they may have multiple shifts for evening events.  No shifts will ever conflict with academic classes.  All Event Assistants must be willing to work late nights and weekends.

The Event Assistant position hiring process occurs during the first week of classes.  Sign-ups will be held on Friday afternoon of Welcome Weekend during the Student Services Open House in the LaFortune Main Lounge as well as through the University of Notre Dame Student Job Board.. 

All students interested in serving as Event Assistants must attend an informational meeting, and interviews will be scheduled within the first two weeks of class. Location and details will be emailed to students interested in the opportunity.

Positions for Upperclass Students in LaFortune Student Center

The Student Activities Office continues its development-based employment program for students at all class levels and backgrounds with the following positions:

  • The StaND
  • ND Cake Service Attendant
  • Graphic Designers / Communications
  • Student Shop/ Distribution Center Assistant
  • Building Managers
  • Event Assistants
  • Welcome Desk Attendance

Questions about our student employment positions may be directed to:

Casey St. Aubin
Assistant Director - LaFortune Student Center